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Stay hydrated!

Well, the worst of the summer heat has passed, and that means we are all bursting to get outside and walk, hike, bike or just plain play in the balmy weather. In point of fact, temperatures in the 80s and 90s, no matter how nice they feel after our blistering summer,...

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Eating Seasonally – Load Up On Produce!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 76 percent of Americans don’t get enough fruit each day and 87 percent aren’t eating enough vegetables. The fiber in fruits and vegetables feed the good bacteria in your intestinal tract, and a health gut...

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Where did beer come from?

Where did beer come from? Even before man walked upright, we were consuming fruit that fermented naturally, as well as sampling all types of plants for their medicinal as well as narcotic properties. Probably the earliest fermentations were made from fruits and honey....

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What is Ghee?

What is Ghee? You know that golden, dripping stuff you dip lobster into? That’s clarified butter. You obtain it by heating butter until it separates into two parts: liquid butterfat and the milk solids that float to the top. Skim the milk solids off and viola, you’ve...

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Sugar, Sweet Sugar

Since the dawn of time, humans have been drawn to that sweet stuff called sugar. Sugar is the most abundant type of organic molecule in all living things. However, only in the past couple of hundred years has it been so readily available in our foods. Prior to that,...

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Impress Phoenix Friends With Your French Wine Knowledge

While our customers are some of the most sophisticated, debonair diners in the Valley of the Sun, you can never know too much about wines. So, in honor of the special menu we have in February that features some great French food and wine pairings, we thought we’d give...

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Why Tryst Cafe Has The Best Breakfast in Phoenix

The Phoenix New Times is now taking nominations for The 33rd Annual Best of Phoenix® Readers Poll and Tryst is not shy to say we believe we qualify for the category of Best Breakfast! Why do we deserve to be nominated for Best Breakfast in Phoenix? Many reasons… We...

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Steel-Cut Oatmeal or Rolled Oats? How to Choose.

Confused by “Steel-cut oatmeal”? We’re not surprised if you are considering they don’t have anything to do with cutting your oatmeal with steel spoons! Actually, Steel-cut oats (also called pinhead oats, coarse-cut oats and Irish oats) are grown in fertile plains of...

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Desserts So Luscious You’d Never Guess They’re Gluten-Free

Recognizing that we can all use a little help from our friends, Tryst Café has now teamed up with a fabulous little bakery in Phoenix to provide our guests with delicious gluten-free desserts! Our gluen-free baking genius friend is Julia Lersch, from Julia’s Bakery....

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Kombucha Isn’t Just for Fermies

You’ve heard of “foodies”, but have you heard of “fermies”? These are fermentation foodies! The number of fermies is rising as interest in live-culture fermentation grows. Certain foods’ reputation as immune-system boosters and detoxifiers is bringing fermentation...

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The Birth and Quickie Rise To Fame of the Smoothie

In case you’re a child of the 70’s and you think a “smoothie” is just the opposite of a “boogie”, let us explain… The concept of the smoothie actually first appeared around the 1930s when health food stores on the West Coast began adapting Brazilian recipes and...

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Crème Brûlée: When “Burnt” Is Heavenly!

You know it’s some fancy French dish, but there’s more to this scrumptious dish than being able to pronounce it. The first reference to crème brûlée was in the 1691 cookbook of François Massialot and also used in the English translation of Massialot’s book. Curiously...

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Gobble Up Super-Foods at Tryst Cafe: Daikon Sprouts

DESERT RIDGE SUMMER ROLLS SEARED AHI SALAD TURKEY WRAP Order one of these three menu items and enjoy the many benefits of Daikon sprouts, a Super-Food that is not easily matched! Benefits of our Daikon sprouts include: Alkaline: Sprouts have an alkalizing affect. In...

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