Order one of these three menu items and enjoy the many benefits of Daikon sprouts, a Super-Food that is not easily matched!

Benefits of our Daikon sprouts include:

  1. Alkaline: Sprouts have an alkalizing affect. In order to be healthy, the body needs to be alkaline. Several toxins and foods offset this balance. Sprouts are very alkaline, so eating sprouts can help your body achieve a more proper balance.
  2. Calories: Sprouts are very low in calories. For those watching their weight and cutting calories, sprouts are an excellent choice. Sprouts contain only 9 calories per ounce! Not only that, but these calories are a combination of protein and healthy carbohydrates.
  3. Fats: Sprouts contain healthy fats. Sprouts contain the essential fatty acids (EFAs) the body needs to perform basic body functions, ward off infections and strengthen the immune system. Sprouts are rich in EFAs, so they add to a healthy diet and keep the metabolism functioning at its optimal level.
  4. Fiber: Sprouts contain natural sources of fiber. Fiber helps people feel full between meals and help the digestive system stay healthy. Eating more fiber can reduce the risk of constipation and enhance a healthy diet.
  5. Oxygen: Sprouts contain oxygen. As a ‘living’ food, sprouts contain hundreds of molecules of oxygen, essential for healthy cells. Foods rich in oxygen can help fight viruses and reduce bacteria. People need to eat plenty of oxygen-rich foods in order to enjoy this benefit, and sprouts are one great source.
  6. Protein: Sprouts are a great source of protein. Sprouts contain a good amount of vegetable proteins so can be a healthy alternative to meat. For vegetarians, sprouts should be a regular part of the diet.
  7. Vitamins B & C: Sprouts are a good of vitamins B and C. Sprouts contain quite a few vitamins and minerals including high levels of vitamins B and C.

Next time you’re in the area, please stop by and enjoy one of our dishes with Daikon sprouts. These perky little seedlings, with their crisp white stems and green leaves, add a nice flavor to our dishes and some great health benefits for your body!