Recognizing that we can all use a little help from our friends, Tryst Café has now teamed up with a fabulous little bakery in Phoenix to provide our guests with delicious gluten-free desserts!

Our gluen-free baking genius friend is Julia Lersch, from Julia’s Bakery. When Julia was diagnosed with celiac disease, she began the journey of developing recipes for irresistible gluten-free treats including cakes, cookies, muffins and more. Because she is a celiac herself, she is extremely careful to take the precautionary measures necessary to prevent cross contamination; this even includes using a gluten-free dedicated facility so no wheat even enters the building. Julia says, “We celiacs are careful about the risks and understand how our bodies will react; we become good at making decisions about what is ok and what is not. It is just nice having some options; it was not this good when I was diagnosed.”

When we heard about her gluten-free desserts, we just had to taste them for ourselves. After tasting all of them, two of them stood out to us as treats we simply had to offer to our guests:

Gluten-free mini-cupcakes: These amazing little gems are made with the yummiest cake in town. They are soy-free and are adorned with Julia’s signature cream cheese frosting made with all-natural buttery spread. The cupcakes themselves are all natural as well except for 1 tiny little ingredient – the red food coloring for the red velvet cupcakes! In addition to the red velvet, Julia makes us 3 other irresistible flavors: carrot, lemon and chocolate.

Gluten-free cinnamon rolls: Never heard of gluten-free cinnamon rolls? Neither has most of the rest of the nation, as only 1 other known bakery has attempted this feat. Julia has not only attempted it but has succeeded brilliantly with her recipe. 

“My original recipe for gourmet cinnamon rolls has always been great, but coming up with a gluten-free version was a real challenge. Many “GF” baked goods I came across were too dense and card board-like and they lacked real flavor. When I finally nailed it, I knew I had something”, Julia says.

The cinnamon rolls are made from a soft gluten-free dough wrapped around ooey-gooey cinnamon sugar. They are fluffy with no hint of grittiness or chalkiness. And you know that bizarre after taste that you dread in some gluten-free recipes? No worries with Julia’s cinnamon rolls. All you’re left with is the joy of savoring this sweet and cinnamon treat and the wonderment of when you’re going to score your next one!