Wild Times, January 2019

1. Please state your full name, your title, where you work, & how long you have been there. Lisa Khnanisho, Owner, Tryst Café. My husband and I own Tryst Café in Desert Ridge and Mama Gina’s Pizzeria at Westgate. Both off these have been around for 9 years. We are about 1 week away from opening our Second Tryst location in Chandler.

2. Tell us a little bit about Tryst Café, its origins; its present state & its future.
Tryst Café, Desert Ridge is a boutique restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, featuring organic, natural, eclectic cuisine in a contemporary environment. Tryst Chandler is similar in its focus, however, it’s a much larger establishment.

3. What distinguishes Tryst Café ; why should people go out of their way to experience Tryst Café?
It’s a special place that truly offers something for everyone. First and foremost, it’s about clean eating. A majority of our ingredients are organic or natural, all of our meats and poultry are antibiotic and hormone free, our eggs are organic; 95+% of our menu can be gluten free; we have several vegetarian and vegan items and the list keeps growing! We have a full bar featuring organic, and gluten-free spirits in additional to traditional favorites. We are open for breakfast lunch and dinner. We provide generous portions, so the hungry guest will be satisfied and we have numerous selections for the light eater. Our friendly, team is genuinely interested in helping you make the perfect selection for your dietary needs or palette. The list goes on……

4. Describe the first time you tasted Wild Tonic®.
I was so accustomed to kombucha having the vinegary profile. You always hear the phrase “it’s an acquired taste.” When Wild Tonic® came along…. wow! so smooth and delicious. Everyone loves it.

5. Personally & professionally, what makes you passionate about our Kombucha?
Personally, I appreciate the healthful benefits and it’s an enjoyable beverage offering so many delicious flavors! Professionally, it’s a great compliment to our concept. Wild Tonic® is a brand that fits out  concept. We even use it to create cocktails!

6. If you could describe Wild Tonic® in 1 word or phrase, what would that be?
Zen. It’s a state of mind

7. How are you currently serving Wild Tonic®?
We generally have a few flavors of bottles available as well as a flavor on tap. We’re always rotating the flavors depending on the season or a month menu we might want to complement. We also have 5.6% available at the bar.

8. Any plans to offer signature mocktails or cocktails with Wild Tonic®?
We already have a kombucha cocktail on our bar menu called Location Kombucha, made with Blanco tequila, Naranja orange liquor, kombucha, agave, and fresh lime juice.

9. Describe how Wild Tonic® has enhanced your business.
Many of our guests love Wild Tonic®. They appreciate the variety of flavors we offer as well as styles: on tap, bottle, 5.6% and in cocktails. The blue bottles you chose for your product were brilliant, as they are immediately recognizable.

10. If someone were to visit Tryst Café for the first time & wanted to enjoy a sublime combination of Wild Tonic® & a meal, what would you suggest?
The choices are endless!

11. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Describe some of your favorite hobbies.
I’m an entrepreneur who loves new challenges. A workaholic. Married to a like-minded entrepreneur who’s also a workaholic! We have 3 amazing boys who have the same entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. We have 3 dogs that think we’re crazy. I enjoy working out, horseback riding, doing & practicing Reiki on family and friends, and love to travel.

12. What is your Spirit Animal? My spirit animal is the hawk and deer….. or so I’ve been told.

13. OK. If you were going to be stranded, where would you choose to be?
Somewhere warm with a beach. The water has to be warm too!
> with whom: My husband, Sami.
> which Wild Tonic® would you be drinking? Blueberry Basil.