Tryst believes in shopping for local organic ingredients and has therefore joined forces with Local First Arizona, a non-profit organization working to strengthen communities and local economies by supporting and maintaining locally owned businesses throughout Arizona. We believe that their efforts to educate Phoenix area citizens, business leaders, legislators and stakeholders about the significant economic, cultural and environmental benefits of strong local economies are of great value.

In order to strengthen the state of Arizona, Tryst is committed to shopping for local, organic fruits and vegetables. Here are some reasons it is important for everyone in the community to support local businesses and restaurants.

  • When you shop at locally owned shops and restaurants, your money is re-circulated repeatedly, creating up to 75% more tax revenue for your Phoenix-area community and the State of Arizona.
  • Local restaurants, stores and service providers raise the standard of living in the Phoenix area because we take our profits and buy products and services from other local businesses, creating tax revenues that help the community to thrive.
  • Small, local organic restaurants and family-owned shops bring character to your community by offering you a more diverse and relevant selections of goods and services.
  • Locally-owned restaurants and stores provide needed products and services with a personal touch. It really matters to us that you are satisfied and will return often.
  • So, now that you understand why it’s important to support local restaurants, stores and service providers, what can you do to help your community:

    • Seek out and patronize locally-owned stores and restaurants whenever you can.
    • Price-shop online, but then look for and ask local businesses if they will price match.
    • Before you make a purchase, go to a restaurant or shop for a service, use Local First Arizona’s business directory to find businesses offering the specific goods or services you’re looking for.
    • Tell your family and friends about the importance of shopping locally and supporting independent restaurants that purchase local organic produce so they can help create strong and vibrant communities in the Phoenix area as a legacy their children. · Support Local First Arizona by donating or joining as a member.

      Phoenix residents are growing wiser to the false sense of savings promised by national chain stores. They are beginning to understand the importance of shopping locally and eating at independent restaurants in order to help define their communities and solidify the quality of life for their families. We thank those of you who support Tryst and other local businesses and encourage you to stop by frequently. You really can make a difference in building a strong community here in Phoenix.