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August Wine Extravaganza

All day every day August, 2015!

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Breakfast Weekend

7/30 – 8/2/15 – Limited time menu!

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Impress Phoenix Friends With Your French Wine Knowledge

While our customers are some of the most sophisticated, debonair diners in the Valley of the Sun, you can never know too much about wines. So, in honor of the special menu we have in February that features some great French food and wine pairings, we thought we’d give you a quick overview of the […]

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The Best of African Food Featured at Tryst Cafe.

As we start 2012, Tryst will be taking a trip around the world to the country of Africa as inspiration for January’s special menu items. Arizonans may be surprised to learn that African foods are actually quite varied and plentiful. Africans enjoy a diet rich in dietary fiber that can be quite healthy when the […]

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Tryst Café’s Seafood Options Offered Exclusively in the Month of December

For those who abstain from flesh meat on Fridays as well as for those who are just seafood lovers every day of the week, we have a special December menu that you will not want to miss! According to Catholic law, flesh meat includes the meat of mammals and poultry. The main foods that come […]

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Have a Healthy Tryst – Under the Sea

Discovering that our guests are lovers of everything under the sea, not just mermaids, we have added some new seafood dishes that will help you eat healthy on a daily basis. As you may know, seafood is a very good source of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Many types of seafood are low in fat (most of […]

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Tryst Cafe’s Latest Awards – Best New Restaraunt, Breakfast, Green Beans & Tater Tots!

For such a young restaurant, Tryst Café is sure racking up the awards. Phoenix Magazine’s September issue seems to summarize it best by awarding Tryst Café Best New Restaurant 2011. Best new Restaurant 2011, Phoenix Magazine Each September, Phoenix Magazine selects the Valley’s 23 best new places to chow down, from cafes to canteens to […]

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Spark Up Your Monday Nights With 1/2 Price Food & Drink, LIVE MUSIC at Tryst!

Monday nights this fall will no longer be dull thanks to Tryst Café and the rockin’ sounds of Tod & Ethan! Whether you have a taste for Rock, Country, Folk, Blues, Metal or Rap, Tod & Ethan have something for you! (And speaking of taste, enjoy ½ off everything on Tryst’s menu Monday nights from […]

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Why Tryst Cafe Has The Best Breakfast in Phoenix

The Phoenix New Times is now taking nominations for The 33rd Annual Best of Phoenix® Readers Poll and Tryst is not shy to say we believe we qualify for the category of Best Breakfast! Why do we deserve to be nominated for Best Breakfast in Phoenix? Many reasons… We understand that what you choose to […]

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Steel-Cut Oatmeal or Rolled Oats? How to Choose.

Confused by “Steel-cut oatmeal”? We’re not surprised if you are considering they don’t have anything to do with cutting your oatmeal with steel spoons! Actually, Steel-cut oats (also called pinhead oats, coarse-cut oats and Irish oats) are grown in fertile plains of Ireland and refer to whole grain groats. They are gold in color and […]